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Elevate your Sims 4 gameplay with small mods that offer tweaks, fixes, and small additions. Explore enhancements that improve various aspects of the game and provide a more polished experience.

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 Shop For More at Community Spaces

Shop For More At Community Spaces

Ce mod ajoute de nombreux éléments dans la liste d'inventaire des PNJ des différents espaces communautaires. Ce, dans le but de faire de ces lots un endroit plus amusant et utile à visiter même lorsque vous ne jouez pas à un jeu "à thème écologique".
Auto Brush Teeth (after Puking)Optional Addons:

Auto Brush Teeth (After Puking)Optional Addons:

Sims will auto Brush their Teeth after they have puked. Sims will get a Buff with a autonomous Behaviour to Brush their Teeth. Only works if Autonomy is enabled. I added a Toggle Option to Sinks to disallow Brush Teeth.- After Eating too - If you add the Eating Addon they will also Brush their Teeth after Eating.- Disable Toggle Options: which prevents the "Allow/Disallow Brush Teeth" Interactions to be added ingame- Disabled Brush Teeth Sinks Will Allow Wash Dishes Only - Sims will only wash Dishes in Sinks where the Brush Teeth is disabled via my Interaction. If you allow Brush Teeth in Bathrooms but disallow in Kitchen they will only use the Kitchen Sink(s) to wash dishes then
Auto Check Toddler Tweaks

Auto Check Toddler Tweaks

Changed the Cooldown from 5 minutes to 60. Sims will now check on Toddler regulary when Motives are low (Hunger, Hygiene, Energy), Diapers need to be changed or when the Cooldown is over (To play with them, talk, teach Flashcards etc.)
Auto Use Picnic Table when eating

Auto Use Picnic Table When Eating

I love the Holiday Picnic Table but EA changed some Tags for those which prevents Sims to use them automatically when eating for example. Sims will just stand around them with the plates in hand and eat while standing. I readded the Dining Fun Tags so they will be used by Sims again to sit and eat there etc. This works for all Picnic Tables ingame.
Bad Environment Buff Tweak

Bad Environment Buff Tweak

All my Sims were getting the Uncomfortable Buff so i tweaked it a bit. The Small Buff is changed from +1 Uncomfortable to Fine with a Duration of 30 Minutes instead of 120. The Middle Buff is changed from +2 Uncomfortable to +1 Uncomfortable with a Duration of 60 Minutes instead of 120. The High Buff is changed from +3 Uncomfortable to +2 Uncomfortable

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