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Explore new gameplay possibilities in The Sims 4 with cheats mods. Discover mods that provide additional cheat options, shortcuts, and customization features, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience to your liking.

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Career Shortcut Activities

Career Shortcut Activities

This is the cheatiest mod I've ever made but I needed it when playtesting some other mods. What it does it fairly simple: it helps to complete your sims' daily task while helping them skill up in the skills and/or requirements needed for promotions and performance.
par Bienchen in Cheats


Restores the destroy object cheat: Sims can destroy objects by shift clicking on them. You can use this mod to destroy stinky leaf piles, coffee left in the streets of San Myshuno, pet poo, struck objects floating in midair, violins about to be used by noisy roommates, dirty dishes, garbage plants and much more.
Mass Traits Remover

Mass Traits Remover

Cet outil vous aide à supprimer les traits de vos Sims en masse, sans avoir à cliquer sur supprimer les traits un par un ou un autre mod de traits de triche.
Re-Roll Wants
par Lumpinou in Cheats

Re-Roll Wants

Permet de réeinitialisee les désirs via une interaction de triche + lorsque votre Sim se réveille.

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