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Trouvez des mods pour ajouter de nouvelles carrières et activités à vos Sims 4. Téléchargez des mods pour donner à vos Sims plus d'options de carrière et de loisirs et rendre le jeu plus intéressant.

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Adventurer Career

Adventurer Career

This took a lot more work than I initially thought it would, but I was bound and determined to get it done once I started. And get it done, I did! Not only did I create a full-fledged career with two upper branches, but I also made it compatible with Discover University! If your Sim gets a certain degree, they can jump to one of the two upper career branches! (I split that part of the mod into another package so that it’s optional in case you don’t have University or don’t want that functionality.) This career does however require the Jungle Adventure Game Pack so keep that in mind.
Archaeologist Career

Archaeologist Career

Unlike my previous career, the Adventurer Career, this is a more realism-based type career. Want a taste of what it’s like to be a real archaeologist? The pay is ridiculously low, and the work is hard plus it takes forever to gain any real respect in your field. If you play this career, be sure to read the career level descriptions that my best friend, the real archaeology acolyte, helped write. The biting reality of the descriptions can get quite snarky and humorous. Although this career is different than my previous one, because it uses the Archaeology skill, it still requires the Jungle Adventure GP. You don’t need to take anywhere near as many trips to Selvadorada in this career as you do with my Adventurer Career, but you do still get extra vacation days to start off this career with. Oh, I also created a brand-new interaction for this career! Now you can write research papers on any computer to gain promotions and increase your archaeology skill. The papers take about an hour or two to write.

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