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Accessoires - Lunettes 44

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Antique Glass Displays

Antique Glass Displays

I separated these and added some variations of the counter top displays. There are slots inside and on top of the glass cases, the glass will not interfere with you grabbing the items you put inside the case. It made sense to leave/add the ‘imaginative’ ambiance to these considering they’re excellent for a museum – a great place to go for inspiration. • Antique Typewriter Case, both Tall and Short • A Standing Glass Stolen Necklace Case
Drinks and Glassware

Drinks And Glassware

This is nothing fancy, just a small to use with the table overrides. Can be found in Kitchen Decor. This includes; • Tumbler Glass and a Short Tumbler Glass • Martini and Nectar Glass • Espresso Mug

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