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Improve Sim interactions in The Sims 4 with functional objects mods. Add new interactive objects, enhance functionality, and create a more immersive environment for your Sims.

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Arcade room fanpack

Arcade Room Fanpack

This pack contains 9 funtional objects, 11 basic objects, 2 walls, and 8 new clothes (3 masculine, 3 feminine, 2 child) you can check the GIF and in game pictures below. This pack collaboration of cepzid and hakrabr.
Cabinets With Inventory

Cabinets With Inventory

This download includes versions of 14 kitchen cabinets found in the base game and various packs modified to each have their own inventory, so that you can store things in it, like canned goods, repair parts, blocks of soy wax and all the other stuff your Sim hauls around in their pockets since they don't have anywhere better to put it and don't want to buy a storage chest to tuck in a corner somewhere.
Crate and Barrel Retail Displays

Crate And Barrel Retail Displays

These were made for EP01 - Get to Work retail stores. They are retail displays with a inventory so that you can store items inside and then stock them directly to surface to set for sale. They will also keep items, like fish, from spoiling as fast. I created these to make it easier to sell all those harvestables and fish at a farmers market or grocer.
Cup Of Cozy Drink Kit

Cup Of Cozy Drink Kit

This is the perfect tray of mixes and toppings for making that perfect ‘Cup of Cozy'. This object is not only the perfect piece of cozy decor – it also allows you to purchase Hot Cocoa and Spiced Apple Cider! Recommended to enjoy by the fire on a snowy day.

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