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Personalize lot characteristics in The Sims 4 with lot traits mods. Add unique features, modify lot behavior, and create customized environments that suit your Sims' preferences.

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Alien Landing Zone Lot Trait

Alien Landing Zone Lot Trait

Use this lot trait to convert any non-residential lot into an alien landing zone where several aliens will regularly visit said lot without their human disguises on. Different Sims will react differently to being in the landing zone and seeing the aliens. One more thing, you must have the Get to Work Expansion Pack for this Lot Trait to work at all!
Crafter’s Corner Lot Trait

Crafter’S Corner Lot Trait

Homemade crafts are the best crafts, aren’t they? With this new lot trait, your Sims can learn crafting skills faster than normal and create better than crafts than the average Sim! Although the main focus of this lot trait is knitting, it also works for other crafting skills including Fabrication, woodworking, Flower Arranging, and more. Although Base Game compatible, to get the full benefit of this lot trait, you’ll need other packs listed below in the blue boxes. If you don’t have the other packs, the code won’t affect your game negatively. As long as you have at least one of the needed packs, you’re good to go with this lot trait. Click on the Lot Trait Features box below for more details.

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