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Counter Argument

Counter Argument

The ‘Counter Argument' series breaks the mold of everything your sim has come to expect of the typical kitchen surface. This set features 10 different statement pieces that are both functional and customizable.There are two options for functionality – a fully functional bar or a sideboard that can hold small appliances.Both functions are offered in 5 different pieces. Two standalone pieces which comes in two sizes and three modular pieces. Modular pieces can be tiled seamlessly with the other modular pieces in this series – both the sideboard and bar versions. Mix and match bar and sidebar pieces for maximum customization! It can also be used as just a pretty accent table.
Foundry Cove Lot CC Dump

Foundry Cove Lot Cc Dump

I remeshed the Rigid Wicker Roost because I found the original version to be too wide and bulky for a dining chair, and created a tale and lamp with it. •Override Remesh for the Rigid Wicker Roost • Less is More Table Lamp • TIMBER Coffee Table
Laundry Day Shelving

Laundry Day Shelving

These are a tiny bit smaller than the in-game version as I wanted them to line up side by side. • LaundryMade Deluxe – Box Wall Shelf and Single Wall Shelf

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