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Arcane Spellcasters

Arcane Spellcasters

This mod was designed to make the job of evolving a Spellcaster really rewarding. After completing the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration and earning the Slinger of Spells personality trait, your Spellcaster will become an Arcane Spellcaster, granting you a total of over 30 new spells and various other functions involving your Sim's magic.
Enlargio spell

Enlargio Spell

Ajjoute un nouveau sort : "Enlargio". C'est un sort de la magie pratique, qui peut être lancé à partir du niveau 4. Vous pouvez l'apprendre en vous exerçant dans la magie pratique, ou en trouvant un tome vous permettant d'apprendre ce sort.
Occult: Lore & Order

Occult: Lore & Order

The mod edits the Vampire Lore books to add some new notifications. These new ones are only available, however, if your Vampires have gained the new Vampiric Vision trait. This trait can be gained by simply reading the vampire lore books; the same way werewolves earn the Lunar Epiphany perk.
Whitelighter Mod

Whitelighter Mod

Whitelighters are the protectors, guides, and magical healers of the world. They are able to adopt humans, as well as any occult creatures, as their “Charges” to protect and watch over. Once the Whitelighter-Charge bond is formed, a number of interactions and abilities are unlocked!

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